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by Beautiful Woman

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Keys: Milo
Guitar: Kevyn
Angst: Emo boys
Recorded in Kevyn's basement by Nick Owen
Shmank you to everyone we know
Tapes cuming eventually ;)


released July 25, 2017



all rights reserved


Beautiful Woman Boston, Massachusetts

bad music for bad girls

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Track Name: Summer Song
My boyfriend is the ice cream man
I spend a lot of time with him
Cause he's got ac in his van
I watch him work out at the gym

It's the time to be sweaty
Everyone is extra petty

Swimming in little ponds
Sucking cock by the river
Of the summer I am fond
Your gentle touch makes me quiver


My booty call is in a band
She plays the triangle
This pussy is in high demand
Over it girls get in a tangle


Gay cruising at the library
Nerd girls are hot
They read Ray Bradbury
And are secret thots


Summer is the gayest season
Of the entire year
It is for this reason
We are queers with fears

chorus x4
Track Name: I want you/I need you
I want you x4

Nothing is ever the same
Why would it be?
I want to take all the blame
Why shouldn't I?


It won't happen again
I think I'm lying
I say she's just a good friend
And you believe me


I really don't want to hurt you
I really want you to hurt me


You say you'll love me
Forever and always
I echo these sentiments
While you fuck me


Sometimes you stare
At my body
Bright pink scars
You don't acknowledge


When you say that you love me
Do you mean it?
When I say that I want you
I mean I need you

I want you
I need you
I want you
I need you
I want you
I need you
I want you
I need you
I want you
I need you
I want you
I need you
I want you
I need you
Track Name: Dude, Wheres My Pussy?
Condom, dental dam, the pill

When you get a booty call and someone wants to fuck
You better ask about protection or you're out of luck

You wants to suck this pussy
Tell me whats the key
Use a dental dam
Or ask if I have any STDs

Don't use cheap flavored lube
It'll make u wanna cry
And if your pussy's acting up
You might have a UTI

Make sure you get consent
Before you perform an act
Sexual coercion is inexcusable
Thems just the facts

Ask how they like to be fucked
Perhaps they will enjoy the succ
If they don't, don't ask again
Theres no need to tell a friend

Some people don't have any sex
Don't bottom after tex mex
Don't fuck when you're fucked up
Get tested! Piss in a cup

We hope we helped you stay safe
And these rules should never chafe
Be kind and true to yourself
Display them dildos on the shelf
Track Name: Gay and Lonely
I'm doing laundry and I'm thinking of you now
I shouldn't do that though
You couldn't be about me
I always dwell upon the boys who will not fuck me and
You've probably fucked a lot of nice girls or something
I saw you at the show and it was weird but good
You stood real close to me
Even though the basement was almost empty
That made me feel special
Though you felt otherwise
I thought I saw you looking at me
From the corner of my eyes
I didn't look your way
Cause if I met your gaze
It would be hard for us to talk about it
And plus I'm probably just projecting
You messaged me for some trivial shit
I felt like I was that bitch
But I definitely wasn't
You just needed a place to chill
And I know where those places are
It's nothing personal really
Even though I feel like it is
Maybe someday
You'll meet a nice girl and fuck her forever
And maybe someday
I'll actually know what I'm doing
We both have room to grow
But it's not in the same direction
Being alone isn't so bad
I don't dislike myself that much
I'd say myself is pretty good
Company to keep
So it's ok cause that's the way its always been
I'm gay and lonely gay and lonely
That's forever how I'll be
Track Name: KFsemen
A delicious meal and then hey free box

When I'm feeling saucy
And hungry as can be
I turn off Degrassi
And take my ass to KFC

The boys at KFC are hot
They're always looking clean
Wearing panties I am not
He wants to flick the bean

They call me five dollar fill-up
Cause I'm such a cheap date
When you leave make sure you zip up
I'm the one your girlfriend hates

Take me to the back
That's where I wanna go
This ass you can attack
I love that 3 piece combo

Your dick is Nashville hot
You never treat me cold
I'll swallow your cum shot
When you call me Georgia Gold


Dip your chicken little
Into my mac n cheese
I'm feeling noncommittal
This ain't no applebees

You get gravy in my hair
When we're in the drive through
I'm sucking you down there
You better buy me shampoo

Track Name: Evil Beach
I hate the sun and the sand
The Beach Boys are the worst band
In the summer I stay home
I love to litter styrofoam

I only love the evil beach
The water there tastes like bleach

To evil beach nobody goes
Except for all the emo hoes
There is no sand just broken glass
It's where witches have their black mass


The water is always freezing cold
The boardwalk is at least half mold
The ghosts of crabs creep about
They pinch you just to hear you shout


I met someone at evil beach
When we kissed their tongue was a leech
My hands went right through their hair
When I opened my eyes they weren't there


A ghost at evil beach kissed my soul
Since then I've never felt whole
I look in the waves for my beautiful ghoul
Evil beach ain't some haunted pool


These are my last words before I die
Evil beach is where I will lie
I will swim far into the ocean
After I drink a poison potion


I hope in death I'll meet that ghost
The one who I loved the most
If I don't I shall die again
My mental anguish will never end
Track Name: HUTC or TI
I'm lying in bed
I'd rather be dead
I get a call from Evangeline
Lets go to the machine

Don't hit up the celly or text it
I'm with the girls I don't need your shit
I'm too busy having fun
With your lying I am done

You won't catch me at the bar
Cause on the pole I go hard
My pussy pops so good its sore
To Jennifer Lopez On the Floor


I'll flirt with anyone I like
And I might even snatch the mic
To tell the world this pussy's free
And I'll be who I wanna be


My girls always give me support
Even when their patience is short
We're a bunch of cute thots
And we're all good at the robot


Our clothes are from Hot Topic
They call this ass gyroscopic
My eyes rep wet n wild
It's too bad your dick's so mild


We're next door at the Domino's
I love to party with the hoes
In the streets we laugh and shout
This is what life's all about


I'm home in bed again
Staring at the "x"s on my hands in pen
I'm so glad I went out tonight
I know everything's gonna be alright
Track Name: Dawn Davenport
You're the queen of the fags
You steal shit you put it in your bags
You are such a worthless slut
Your pussy can never stay shut

Dawn davenport the love of my life
I really wish you were my wife

Let me hammer your pussy like gator
Would you fuck me if I was a skater?
Mr. and Mrs. Dasher were such cunts
When your face bled was it just huntz


You tease your hair up so high
You're always telling filthy fucking lies
You had a daughter with yourself
Your life endangers your own health


Shooting up eyeliner is fucking insane
Does it kill your mental pain
I wanna be in the pictures with you
The cha cha heel is my favorite shoe


Taffy was an ungrateful brat
The girls made fun of you for being fat
You kept Aunt Ida in a cage
All you ever wanted was the stage


In the name of filthy sluts
You have done your part
I just have one final question