Hot Mess

by Beautiful Woman

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released April 5, 2017

Milo-Keys+vocals on taco belles, celibacy, nervous breakdown
Kevin-Guitar+vocals on taco belles, i luV eM0 boiz i lUv b0iZ Em0, LmL
Nick Owen-Mixing/recording
everyone else we know <333



all rights reserved


Beautiful Woman Boston, Massachusetts

bad music for bad girls

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Track Name: Taco Belles
Scene girl at the taco bell
someday she’ll love herself
The Quincy location is open til 1
when i go to taco bell i have a lot of fun
Crunchwraps taste like heaven
I could eat more than 7
When i dont get taco bell on a date
i am very full of hate
At taco bell i broke a jar
i tried to throw it really far
it hit a man in the head
then he was dead.
Track Name: Celibacy
Dont smile at me boy
this pussy is off limits
i swear im not just playing coy
you’ll never get up in it

you’ll never put your dick in me
i'm not looking for a man
unless he follows god’s plan

Abstinence works for me
it better work for you
you must keep on your dungarees
and ill keep mine on too


Dont flirt with me baby
im not that kind of girl
when we’re married maybe
if you buy me pearls


The single life’s the one for me
i enjoy my space
im in love with chastity
i wont sit on your face.


Im always chilling with my friends
with no man in the way
Im wide open on the weekends
cuz im no sinful gay


But real talk, hotties
i love the life i live
do whatever you want with your body
and we will be supportive

Track Name: i luV eM0 boiz i lUv b0iZ Em0
I saw you in hot topic
the year was 2008
you made my pussy wet
let’s go on a date

You work at the brookline stop and shop
looking sexy while you push that mop
Your lip ring won’t get in the way
btw are you gay?

We went to papa ginos
i said i lost my wallet
you brought a sleeve of oreos
we went to the bathroom but not to shit

I tried to take off your skinny jeans
but they were far too tight
I said “come over here baby
and eat this pussy right”

The manager stormed in
he screamed at us to stop
you kicked him in the shin
and ripped off my crop top

You sketch my pussy in art class
it turns your teachers on
You finger me like you’re smart
thank god you’re not like Sean

You wrote me a poem in latin
i fell in love with you
i translated it wearing satin
and it was just Brand New

we get red wine drunk together
you pull out your newport menthols
this was your last one forever
you swallowed it choked fell against the wall

at your open casket funeral
i told your mom you’re gay
she didn’t take it literal,
our love will live another day

Goodbye my emo lover
i’ll think of you every day
Someday we’ll be with one another
i’ll find another way.....
Track Name: LmL
Im just living my life
hey mom can you drop me at alewife?
Im gonna go get fucking drunk
and make out with a cute punk

Im in allston sucking some dick
cuz i cant find my guitar pick
Wearing a plastic bag as a shirt
sometimes i roll around in the dirt

I’ll illegally buy some booze
throw up on your designer shoes
I like having fun with my friends
i cant wait until high school ends.


Burger king is the best
the veggie burger beats the rest
At the soda fountain i drink cum
“do you do anal? So wait, like, um?”

i wear my waist trainer to Friendlys
i have never signed a lease
I wear ripped fishnet tights
to go to the park and fly some kites.


In boston im the biggest hoe
i take my dunks with sweet n low
Shovel hash browns into my mouth
all my relationships go south.

My friends are a supportive bunch
on this pussy you can munch.
I may only be 17
but i am the queen of scene

Im just living my life
hey mom can you pick me up from alewife
i went and got fucking drunk
and made out with a cute punk.
Track Name: Nervous Breakdown (cover)
I'm about to have a nervous breakdown
my pussy really hurts
If i don't find my way out of here t
his pussys gonna go berserk
cuz im crazy and i'm hurt
head on my shoulders
is going to FLIRT
I dont care what u think of me
cuz i am rly cute
u c the way i am
you dick me down any time you can
cuz im crazy and im hurt
head on my shoulders
is going to FLIRT
I'm tired of seeing all the same old cock cock cock
the same old kinds
don't show me that today
cuz if u knew whats good for you you would be super fucking gay
cuz im crazy and im hurt
head on my shoulders
is gonna eat ur dick
crazy sexy slutty
i don't care what you fucking wear
i don't care who you fucking fuck
i don't care about anything
i just wanna get some dick